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  • Hello Iris,

    Wanted to give you some feedback from our experience at the coffee bungalow during our safari!

    I remember driving down a dirt road after a long ride in the jeep from our previous destination. The area was much different that what we had experienced in the Serengetti. The dirt road traveled through what seemed to be local homes with children sitting outside waving as we passed. Once we arrived to the coffee bungalow we were greeted by the warm staff at the gate. As we entered we noticed how green and lush everything was. The area was very well maintained and clean. We were taken to our “bungalow” which was a pleasantly large one bedroom space.
    We were told that there the electricity only turned on for certain hours, a pleasant reminder of the remoteness of the area we had arrived in. We enjoyed a warm shower and got cleaned up before enjoying a walk through the inside of the coffee farm grounds.We sat out on our porch and relaxed enjoying the natural beauty right outside our door.

    That evening we were served a delicious meal outside in a dim lit tent!
    The table had a flower vase on the center and the ambiance was just perfect. The staff were all wonderful and such a delight while serving our meal. After our dinner to my surprise my (now husband) asked me to close my eyes. As I sat with my eyes closed I could hear people singing “Happy Birthday” getting closer. My birthday was a few days before so I thought my husband may have put together a late celebration for me. Before I opened my eyes my (now husband) begin telling me all the reasons he loved me along with many other beautiful things I cannot remember because I was getting so nervous. As I opened my eyes the cake in front of me said “MARRY ME”, there were candles, flowers, champagne, and the ENTIRE staff surrounding the tent. My (now husband) got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! This is a night I will never forget. Of course I said yes and the entire staff stood smiling as he placed the ring on my finger. What a proposal! I asked my husband how he prepared it and he said that he had told Iris about his plans and what he wanted and she made it happen. Our cook Jeffery made the cake from scratch and it was delicious! We shared the champagne by the fire on a cloud of bliss celebrating our engagement! It was an incredible feeling to see the entire staff, the cake, and my husband proposing to me- IN AFRICA! An unforgettable night.

    The next morning we asked if we could leave the grounds to take a short walk outside and see the coffee farms. We were delightfully taken by one of the workers. We walked casually newly engaged through the outdoor grounds. We toured through some of the coffee fields and took pictures before returning to the bungalow. The staff were all so friendly, making us feel very welcomed. It was a beautiful experience and gave us wonderful memories. I would highly recommend not only the coffee bungalow but the entire safari adventure that my husband and I shared. trip to Africa left a mark on my hear that I will never forget. The memories we made during our visit are ones that will stay with us for a lifetime. Our tour guide Swai and cook Jeffery made the trip comfortable and very enjoyable. The amount of animals we saw in their natural state was nothing short of a National Geographic shoot- incredible! We would love to return and try out some new adventures!

    We loved Africa!

    Ricardo and Nicole Trevino

  • We stayed at the coffee farm between adventures in August 2013 – all kindly organised magnificently by Iris, Jordan and her team. As a family we climbed Kilimanjaro and were in transit to the Ngorogoro Crater for our safari.

    The coffee farm is beautifully remote along a bumpy, dusty trail that epitomizes the best (and worst!) of African roads; when you arrive you can’t believe the beauty of the setting high up in the hills. The accommodation is fabulous, the water from a bore hole and electricity carefully rationed – we loved the details of the rooms that were of a high quality and with a veranda from which you can watch the gathering dusk.

    Rose our wonderful chef prepared meals fit for a king and we just loved dining in the mess tent by candle light.

    The lodge is a truly special place and the tour of the coffee plantation and processing plant was an insight into the beverage we drink everyday without a thought.

    We were a party of five with two children of 9 and 12 (both whom climbed Kili) and we all just loved it and hope to return to see Iris, Jordan, Rose and the team.

    Mike Peckham

  • I just returned to the US about a week ago from a two week trip to Tanzania that was arranged by Tanzania Serengeti Adventure. Our trip included a 7 day hike of the Machame Route of Mt. Kilimanjaro and a three day safari with a day each in Tarangire, Lake Manyara, and Ngorongoro Crater National Parks. I can say without hesitation that this trip, especially the climb, was the best experience of my life. As this is a safari website, I won’t elaborate on the Kilimanjaro trek TOO much, but it was fantastic. If you choose to take the trek during your trip to Tanzania, make sure to do your research and to train. I highly recommend the Machame route as it offered GORGEOUS views and allowed for ample acclimatization to the high altitude – all 20 trekkers in my group made it to the summit (some with considerable altitude sickness, but they still made it!).

    Following our trek, we spent a night at Pamoja Explorations Lodge just outside of the center of Arusha. Pamoja was comfortable and featured fairly reliable wifi. However, the food at the restaurant was extremely mediocre and the service was very slow. I didn’t come to Tanzania for the food at the lodge, though, so I was only slightly perturbed by the experience. After our night in Arusha, we were picked up by our three fantastic safari drivers – Philemon, Bryson, and Justin – all of whom were TOP NOTCH. The drivers were enthusiastic, knowledgeable, reliable, spoke excellent English, and were just fun to be around. Our first day took us to Tarangire National Park which turned out to be a great starting point. In Tarangire, we saw zebras, impala, elephants, and much, much more, and were given a delicious boxed lunch containing chicken, a sandwich, mango juice, water, crackers and cheese spread, and a Mars bar. Very generous! The second day of our safari was to Lake Manyara National Park and we were fortunate to see to huge herds of buffalo, an amazing hot spring, thousands and thousands of flamingos, and even a rare leopard! Justin, our driver, said that in 17 years of driving in Lake Manyara National Park, he had only seen 4 or 5 leopards during the day. We were VERY lucky! The highlight of the safari, however, was yet to come! On the third morning, we woke up quite early to get to the Ngorongoro Crater as the park opened just after 6 am. We had to wait for an hour or so at the gate because, unfortunately, the payment attendant at the park didn’t show up for work! Fortunately, it was only about 75 degrees and cloudy so the animals that usually hide during the midday heat were out in plain sight all day! We saw tons of ostriches, wildebeests, hyenas, zebras, hippos, and much much more. The highlights of the third day, though, were the two black rhinos (endangered) and the pride of lions. The rhinos were spotted by our driver’s sharp vision and were quite a distance away. Justin had a few pairs of binoculars in the car, though, that allowed us to see the animals close up! The lions were lying in a pride of about fifteen right next to the road and we must have watched them for close to two hours. They were simply fascinating. I learned that lions only eat once every three to four days and our group must not have been hungry – the buffalo were literally chasing them around. We also observed a few moments between lions that…ahem…probably should have been private. At the end of the trip, we were presented with a certificate stating that we saw all of the big five – the elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard, and rhino – and were told that we were very lucky to see all of them in such a short period of time. I disagree to an extent. We were definitely lucky, but the drivers’ skill, vision, and knowledge of the park roads definitely played into our phenomenal experience and they deserve much of the credit!

    Our accommodations were provided at Tanzania Ric Lodge, a small, eco-friendly lodge about a half hour off of the main highway. To get to the lodge, the safari vehicles were literally four-wheeling on dirt roads. It was incredibly fun. Tanzania Ric Lodge is located in the middle of a scenic coffee plantation and our host, Blaise, gave us a tour and explained how coffee is grown and produced during our stay. The lodge was VERY comfortable, quaint, had six large rooms (our group took up the entire lodge), and had the best food that I experienced in Tanzania. The chef, Rosie, is a culinary artist! The breakfasts were superb (homemade toast, homemade jam, honey from the farm’s bees, coffee from the farm, fresh bacon from the farm, beef sausage, fresh fruit, cereal, and eggs cooked to order) as were the dinners. The best meal of our trip, in my opinion, was had on our final night at the lodge. Rosie and her staff cooked us a barbecue meal featuring beef and chicken skewers, lamb, garlic bread, and roasted potatoes. It was out of this world! Every night also included a bonfire and the alcohol available (wine and beer) was affordable and appropriate. One of the best parts of the lodge, though, was the fact that no wifi was available. The lack of internet allowed us to get to know each other better (much of our group didn’t know each other prior to the trip despite the fact that 19 of our 20 travelers attend the same graduate school. I’m the one person who doesn’t go to their school as one of the 19 is one of my best friends from home) and to focus on the experience. In this day and age of always being connected, it was incredible to simply get away from everything and focus on enjoying yourself and experiencing the moment. Emails can wait (Written by a 27 year old).

    All in all, our experience with Tanzania Serengeti Adventure was amazing. I’m not sure if I’ll ever return to Africa (my next conquest will most likely be Aconcagua, South America’s tallest peak), but, if I do, I’ll definitely be using TSA to plan my trip. HIGHLY recommended.

  • Hi Iris, Jordan

    Thank you for the wonderful time we shared/had on the farm. You have a wonderful set of people as your staff and each one went out of his/her way to make our stay comfortable. The food was good the highlight of the dinner was the beautiful cake that was baked specially for the occassion. “FRANCO REUNION 2014”

    Our driver James was a wonderful driver/guide in spite of my many visit to the Ngorongoro James gave us information
    on the game movement reasons for lions and other games being found in certain locations and many other valuable information.

    Blaise new as he may have been on the job he was very gracious hospitable a very accommodating gentleman. I sincerely hope he will continue to be with your outfit and wish him the very best in the future.

    We all will carry pleasant memories of our stay at the farmstead. An extra day would have given us time to visit the whole area.

    Good luck and way all your undertakings be Blessed.

    Fond regards

  • We had a truly unbelievable time thank you for organising our trip and make it unforgettable
    For the time we got picked up at the airports and then dropped off at the airport we would taking great care off
    The tour and the stay the food at the coffee plantation was most enjoyable
    And then on to the Safari it was one of the most thrilling and exciting things we have done
    To see the big five in one day and the leopard was truly amazing
    Your guides were brilliant at spotting animals and the service was great
    And then on to Zanzibar the last three days of our trip just to unwind and relax in comfort after the best two weeks of my life
    Just like to say a big thank you for you and Blaise for organising this for us
    And making this an unforgettable experience
    Many thanks and well done
    Brian paul gill

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